Monday, May 18, 2009

Best buds

Fox loves his dad! They are the best of pals lately. Everything Joe does, Logan wants to do too. They have so much fun together. Joe is an awesome dad and I know Cache is going to idolize his daddy too! Here are some pictures of Fox and Joe taken over the past few weeks.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Cache Kent Green

Cache was born on Tuesday, May 5th at 10:26 in the morning. Joe and I checked into the hospital at 7:00 to get induced and a few short hours later we were holding Cache. He is a great addition to our little family and we are SO happy to have him in our home. We have been very excited and a little scared to see how it will be to have 2 kids. It has only been a few days, but so far everything is going great. Cache sleeps a lot and we look forward to seeing his eyes more over the next few weeks. Logan loves his little brother. He is constantly requesting to "hold it." One of the first things he asks about every morning is baby Cache. He hasn't shown any jealousy yet, but time will tell how that goes. Joe was able to take the whole week off work and that has been WONDERFUL! I wish he could stay home all of the time. It is so nice to see him so much, but someone has to bring home the bacon. Logan has had a blast with his dad. I know I am terrible at blogging, but I thought I would make a post and I am telling myself (again) that I am going to start blogging regularly. We will see.

Baby Cache

Fox is so happy to be a big brother.

The first time Logan saw Cache he reached out his arms, started shaking them, and said "Hold it Baby Cache."

What a sweet boy!