Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Cherry Festival Fun

Last week was the Cherry Festival. We of course loved every second of it. This was Logan's second Cherry Festival, but the first one that he was actually able to enjoy. He loved the big yellow slide. He could have done it over and over all day. Logan also loved playing with his cousins Ainslee and Lauryn who are just a few months older than him. Uncle Brian's motorcycle was parked where we made camp and he loved it. He would crawl to it on a regular basis. He also loved being able to snack on food all day long. I can't even count how many red vines and chicken in a biscuit crackers he ate. My nephews and nieces won balls at the games and I am thankful they did because they occupied Logan for much of the day.
After spending the whole day at the Cherry Festival we went back the next day for the parade. I'm not sure Logan knew what was going on. He did however completely love the sucker Aunt Jodie gave him and all the other candy that got thrown at us.